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REVIEWS: Read what construction companies are saying about E2 System's Portable Modular Conveyor!
Southern California contractor places 1,500 to 3,000 ton of aggregate on night shifts. "Awesome! All my guys love the Portable Modular Conveyor. It is working out really well." - Ron Whisenard, of Sherwood Contracting in Oklahoma "We like the machine and think it is a good tool." - Andrew J. DeFinis P.E., of Angelo Iafrate Construction Company

By E2 Systems, LLC

The Portable Modular Conveyor was developed as a quick easy and dependable way to place concrete in front of a Slip Form Paving Machine. The applications for this Front End Wheel Loader Attachment are as varied as your imagination.

The Portable Conveyor is designed to attach to any front end wheel loader 2.5 cubic yard capacity and larger, that is equipped to accept attachments. Examples of such machines would be a Caterpillar IT 38 or IT 62, Volvo L70, L90, or L120, and comparable John Deere, Komatso, among others. The conveyor is operated from inside the cab of the machine using the hydraulic controls and the power of the wheel loader. A third valve option must be part of the loader hydraulic system since the conveyor is propelled in the same fashion as a broom attachment would be on these types of loaders. The low torque hydraulic motor of the belt conveyor requires a pump feed of approximately 40+/- gallons per minute. The speed and power of the belt is related to the size of the loader. The unit is compact and light weight.

The conveyor has a proven record of placing 300 cyds of concrete per hour to the road grade using dump trucks hauling 11 cyds per load. It has out performed the standard material transfer placer systems by two to one and the cost is roughly one forth of the standard machines used in this application. You would no longer have a $350-400,000.00 peace of equipment parked on the sideline waiting to be used. When there is no need for the concrete conveyor it is detached from the loader and the loader is able to return to its other productive applications.

Besides being extremely productive the Portable Modular Conveyor is very dynamic and portable. When loaded on a standard lowboy trailer it is no wider than 8.5’ and the overall length of the conveyor is 21’, making it a non permit load for moving. The belt can be folded to travel in a given lane of traffic while attached to the loaded at a 10’ width. The Placer/Conveyor can also be shifted left to right approximately 5’ to adapt to dumping needs or conditions.

This tool has great possibilities beyond transferring concrete. As a wheel loader attachment and not a stand alone dedicated unit, it is much more cost effective. Anyone who has an end loader and needs to move material of any kind will be interested in this material placer. Other applications may include spreading topsoil, backfilling sewer trenches, agricultural applications or anything that can be conveyed and transferred. By varying the conveyor size, you could build a shoulder spreader or units for numerous other applications.

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